About The Artist

My visual artistic expression has evolved into purely abstract work. I strive to produce abstract images which contain movement, depth, and contrasting elements. I am fortunate enough to have strong synesthetic perceptual abilities. This means I can sometimes hear music and see colors and shapes, or see images and hear music. I find that listening to music often engenders visual imagery. While I never listen to music while I paint, my work sometimes brings to mind the works of a specific composer. I find that each work and each medium has an inherent rhythm; my work involves a constant response and I adjust my own personal rhythm to match that of each individual painting.

Weather and seasons are another inspiration for me.  I live in the Northeast  where we have a great variety of seasons and weather.  Visually I  like winter because of the high contrast of white and black.  Sleet is actually my favorite weather. The atmosphere is so dense that it alters the light and clarity of images.  Snow, rain and fog affect light and atmosphere in so many different ways.  I find this to be very inspirational.  I traveled to Iceland and this experience has been the impetus for many recent paintings which reflect ice, glaciers, clouds, and snow.

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